Things to know when recycling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Under Texas Law 2187 Metal Recycling Entities (MRE) must issue a Cash Transaction Card to their client. An application for a cash transaction card must include the applicant's name, address, sex and birth date the identification number from their personal identification document; a digital photograph of the applicant at the time of their application; a clear and legible thumbprint of the applicant; and the applicant's signature. A cash transaction card must include the seller's name and address; a digital photograph of the seller; an identifying number that is unique to the individual card; the card's expiration date, which may not be later than two years from when the card was issued or renewed; and the name of the metal recycling entity issuing the card and their state issued registration number. This will be mailed to their mailing address within 7 days.
No. You need a Valid ID in order to have a transaction.
No. You need to have a Cash Card to receive cash.
No transaction can render anytime.
Yes. A vehicle is required in order to have a transaction.